2017 Boek #25 Once Upon A Dream; a twisted tale

Once Upon A Dream Boek omslag Once Upon A Dream
a twisted tale
Liz Braswell
“If she actually had friends, maybe she wouldn't have turned out so nasty and evil.”
“It’s not bravery if you don’t feel fear, right? If you’re not afraid, then you’re not really forcing yourself to do something brave.” “Aurora looked into the mirror and smiled. She was pretty. She was a royal princess. There was about to be a ball. These were things she could, once in a while, allow herself to be happy about.”
Weer zo'n prachtige fairytale adaption. Toen ik zag staan dat ze nooit wakker zou worden, dacht ik hoe dan? Het sprookje gaat er toch ook om dat ze wakker is aan het einde? Maar weer eens prachtig neergezet en de schrijfstijl kan ik geen genoeg van krijgen. Ik ga snel verder in het volgende deel!

What if the sleeping beauty never woke up? Once Upon a Dreammarks the second book in a new YA line that reimagines classic Disney stories in surprising new ways.

It should be simple--a dragon defeated, a slumbering maiden, a prince poised to wake her. But when said prince falls asleep as soon as his lips meet the princess's, it is clear that this fairy tale is far from over.

With a desperate fairy's last curse infiltrating her mind, Princess Aurora will have to navigate a dangerous and magical landscape deep in the depths of her dreams. Soon she stumbles upon Phillip, a charming prince eager to join her quest. But with Maleficent's agents following her every move, Aurora struggles to discover who her true allies are, and moreover, who she truly is. Time is running out. Will the sleeping beauty be able to wake herself up?

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