Fancasting – Rhysand

Sinds dat er bekend werd gemaakt dat A Court of Thorns and Roses verfilmd zou worden, kan ik alleen maar 1 acteur zien in de rol van Rhysand. Ik heb deze vraag gesteld in een facebook groep en dit zijn de suggesties van de andere trouwe lezers!

Rhysand is described to be heartbreakingly handsome and have short blue-black hair, like a raven’s feathers, and violet eyes with flecks of silver like starlight. He has a tan complexion, however he was also once pale because he was forced Under the Mountain for so long, and gained back his coloring after spending time in Velaris. He also has tattoos decorating his arms and muscular chest. He has tattoos on both of his knees of mountains with 3 stars on top of the mountains, representing that he will bow for nothing and no one but his crown and Feyre.

He has giant, smooth membranous wings that are flecked with a hint of iridescence and are clawed like a bat’s. He wears rich clothing, cloaked in tendrils of night: an ebony tunic brocaded with gold and silver, dark pants and black boots that reached his knees

His beauty and handsomeness are said to be legendary, greater so far than anyone else’s in Prythian. He radiates sensual grace and ease, and keeps his composure most of the time.

Ian Somerhalder
Henry Cavill
Tom Hardy
Richard Madden
Mena Massoud
Toni Mahfud
Sam Clafin
Matthew Daddario
Colin O’Donoghue
Tyler Hoechlin
Chris Wood
Sean O’Pry
Brant Daugherty
Ben Barnes
Parker Young
Andy Biersack
Matt Bomer
Wes Bentley




















Florian Neuville

















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