Kingdom Hospital

“Ik heb deze serie voor het eerste gezien toen die net uit kwam, ik was 14 en helemaal Stephen King fanaat.”


Titel  Kingdom Hospital 
Genre   Thriller
Release Datum   03-03-2004 
Duur    60 min 
Regisseur   Craig R Baxley 
Schrijvers   Stephen King, Lars von Trier, Niels Vorsel, Richard Dooling, Tabitha King 
Acteurs/Actrices   Andrew McCarthy – Dr. Hook,
Jamie Harrold – Dr. Elmer Traff,
Diane Ladd – Sally Druse,
Bruce Davison – Dr. Stegman,
Jack Coleman – Peter Rickman,
Julian Richings – Otto,
Jennifer Cunningham – Christa,
Jodelle Ferland – Mary Jensen,
Sherry Miller – Dr. Lona Massingale,
Allison Hossack – Dr. Christine Draper,
Suki Kaiser – Natalie Rickman
and many more 
Quote   “Here they store what came before. Pain and suffering from days of yore. Before and after, tears and laughter. After comes before, before comes after. Past and future and then, hereafter. The naked and the dead, the young and the old. Their stories end here, their tales untold. Here sickness and death Have left their pages. Written in blood for all the ages. Someday, your story will be here, too.” 
Mening   Ik heb deze serie voor het eerste gezien toen die net uit kwam, ik was 14 en helemaal Stephen King fanaat. Dit is en blijft een van mijn favoriete series en ik kijk m graag nog 100 keer opnieuw. Ik ben gek op Antubis en Mary! Het verhaal is een typisch, prachtig Stephen King verhaal en dat is dus ook wat je moet verwachten bij deze serie. Er is 1 seizoen van uitgekomen, maar dat seizoen was genoeg om het verhaal ‘af’ te maken. Ik heb genoten en blijf genieten van Antubis! 
Synopsis   A haunted hospital in Lewiston, Maine, built on the site of a Civil War-era mill that burned down in the fire which killed many children who worked there is hit by a series of increasingly devastating mysterious earthquakes. The jaded staff pays no attention to it, since everyone there has experienced much stranger and harder to explain things many times throughout the years. The arrival of two new patients, a comatose artist left paralyzed in a hit and run incident only to end up being saved from the brink of death by a mysterious divine force in the form of a giant telepathic anteater called Antubis and a female psychic whose son works at the hospital, stirs everything up. A strange ghost girl contacts both of them in an attempt to get them to warn the staff and prevent the upcoming great supernatural disaster. However, secretive malevolent forces are also there and they have no intention of letting anyone interfere with their infernal plans.


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