Dungeons and Dragons – A Background Story

Omdat het alweer een tijdje geleden is dat er een post is geweest over Dungeons and Dragons, wil ik in deze post jullie een beetje vertellen over 2 karakters die ik heb gemaakt voor een nieuwe campaign!

*Ik haal veel inspiratie voor namen en verhalen uit boeken! Toen ik deze karakters maakte, had ik net de Grisha trilogie uit dus hier zijn de namen op gebaseerd.. Verder is deze gehele post in het engels geschreven, omdat dit voor mij makkelijker is om de background neer te zetten.

Meet Alina Starkov
– Human
– Sorcerer
– Long black hair, almost always down
– Magenta eyes

Meet Malyenne Starov (Mal)
– Human
– Rogue
– Long black hair, almost always up
– Magenta eyes

Malyenne and Alina grew up in an orphanage together. Not knowing who their parents are, is really hard on Alina and she still can’t accept this, Mal doesn’t really care about anything else than her twinsister. When Alina and Mal were 14 years old, the orphanage burned down and they had nowhere to go except for the streets. They found an abandoned building and started to make this place their own.

Mal started to go out on the street and find food for her and Alina, one day someone came up to her and asked her to deliver a package. This in exchange for some food. Mel knew they needed the food really bad, so she took this offer. This way she could take care of her sister, whom seemed very fragile. She’s delivered a lot of packages ever since.

Late at a certain night, Mal arrived home to her sister, only to find her in combat with some punk whom wanted to rob them. Mal wanted to protect her sister as always, but Alina her hands started glowing, the robber got very scared and ran away. Mal knew what was going on and told Alina she could be a sorcerer. She had heard things on the streets about sorcerers but never really gotten into the subject. She did know a place where she could get a book that could tell them more.

The first time Mal stole a book for Alina, this went well and her sister started to learn new spells. But they needed a real spellbook or some scrolls to find out what she can do. So one day, Mal went into a shop and stole some scrolls. The guards saw her and she ran into the forest. Here, Mal literally stumbled upon Morgan, a druid. They immediately fell in love.

Mal went back to get her sister, so they could be together with Morgan, living in the druid circle, which seems a lot safer. Alina went with them to a druid circle, not far away from the city and this is where she continued to learn more about her abilities.

They continued living in the druid circle just outside the city, Alina was thought how to control her magic and Morgan and Mal often went into the city, just to show him around in the town she grew up in. Not the way anyone else would do that, but the way she knows it to be.

Morgan did have a best friend, mysterious guy, named Constantine. Alina and Mal learned to accept him and now the four of them are going to travel further into the kingdom. Alina to find her parents, Mal to be with Morgan, and those boys?

Who knows?

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