The Number 23

“Deze film laat je achter met een What the F*ck gevoel”


Titel  The Number 23  
Release Datum   17-05-2007
Duur   98 min 
Regisseur   Joel Schumacher 
Schrijvers   Fernley Philips 
Acteurs/Actrices   Jim Carrey – Walter Sparrow,
Virginia Madsen – Agatha Sparrow/Fabrizia,
Logan Lerman – Robin Sparrow,
Danny Huston – Isaac French/Dr.Miles
Phoenix, Lynn Collins – Suicide Blonde/ Mrs. Dobkins/ Young Fingerling’s Mother,
Rhona Mitra – Laura Tollins. 
Quote   “There’s no such thing as destiny. There are only different choices. Some choices are easy, some aren’t. Those are the really important ones, the ones that define us as people.” 

“I’d like two words on my tombstone: what if.”

“I once read that the only philosophical question that matters, is whether or not to commit suicide… I guess that makes me a philosopher.”

“Pink is my favourite colour, do you know what pink is? Red 27,white 65. 65 plus 27,92. ‘pink’ has 4 letters, 92 divided by 4, twenty-fucking-three.”

Mening   Deze film laat je achter met een What the F*ck gevoel, het is al jaren een van mijn favorieten en ik kan deze film niet vaak genoeg zien. Gelukkig heb ik de obsessie niet overgenomen… (alhoewel.. pink is my favorite colour). Dit is een film die je moet zien als je Jim Carrey een keer een serieuze rol wil zien spelen, als je houdt van conspiracy theories of als je gewoon even een mindf*ck film wil zien. 
Synopsis   On his birthday, Walter Sparrow, an amiable dog-catcher, takes a call that leaves him dog bit and late to pick up his wife. She’s browsed in a bookstore, finding a blood-red-covered novel, a murder mystery with numerology that loops constantly around the number 23. The story captivates Walter: he dreams it, he notices aspects of his life that can be rendered by “23,” he searches for the author, he stays in the hotel (in room 23) where events in the novel took place, and he begins to believe it was no novel. His wife and son try to help him, sometimes in sympathy, sometimes to protect him. Slowly, with danger to himself and to his family, he closes in on the truth.


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